I started to say on the phone that I am worried that I am not the best person to help you because I know very little about how to set up a non-profit organization and nothing about setting up a website. I want your organization to be successful and your website to be as good as it can, so I think it makes sense for you to look around to try to find some people to help that have more relevant experience than I do. I can help by editing things that you write to make sure they sound good and say what you mean to say.
I found this website by typing in “resources non-profit organization new york” on Google: http://foundationcenter.org/gainknowledge/nonprofitlinks/news.html It looks like it has a lot of information that will be helpful. I believe you can find people with experience who are interested in supporting you.
Below I have written my ideas for your website. I hope they are useful.
Based on what we saw on the AMA foundation website, I think you should have the following pages on your website:
PAGE 1: This page should outline as clearly as possible what the organization will do, why it will do it and how it will do it. Based on our conversation, I think that you will have to create a clear and limited mission statement at the current time, and later, as the organization grows, you can include some of the other parts of the mission statement (such as tourism, environmentalism, and sports) into the mission statement.
The Himalayan Foundation works in partnership with local schools and educators in remote regions of Nepal to create educational opportunities for underprivileged children.
The Himalayan Foundation identifies and works to reduce immediate educational needs and to promote sustainable educational resources and practices for all children in Nepal.
The Himalayan Foundation recognizes and works to reduce basic needs that represent obstacles to obtaining a good education for underprivileged children in Nepal. These include;
1. Adequate facilities
2. Financial support for education related expenses (e.g. tuition, uniforms, books, classroom materials)
In addition, The Himalayan Foundation promotes the development of educational practices that will provide improved educational outcomes that continue into the future. These include;
1. Financial support for teachers
2. Continued professional development and training for teachers
3. Integration of community resources into educational practices
The Himalayan Foundation works closely with educational administrators and educators in remote regions of Nepal in order to identify the most pressing educational needs and the most sustainable solutions. Through these strong relationships we develop plans to support ongoing development of education wherever it is needed.
PAGE 2: I think you should have a page with a letter from you to people interested in your organization. This letter should include information about who you are, why you have started the organization and what the goals of the organization are. The letter should also thank people for their interest in the organization and offer them some ways they can support you. The letter from Ama Foundation (pasted below) focuses on current projects they are doing. That would be another good thing for you to include.
Here is the letter from the AMA Foudation:
A Letter from the Founder
Dear Friends of AmaGhar,
I want to thank you for your compassion and dedication towards our program. You are making remarkable difference in the lives of children who otherwise would have faced dismal prospects.
Starting our 4th year we are very excited to be working on our plans to build a permanent AmaGhar for the children. We are in the process of finalizing the procurement of 5 acres of land near the children’s school and not far from our present location.
We are asking everyone to support our Building Fund to allow us to build a larger, permanent home to care for more children as the waiting list is still growing.
We are very happy that so many volunteers and friends have already visited AmaGhar; our chilren love to meet and interact with people from around the world.
If you haven’t yet visited AmaGhar, we invite you to come see the children whose lives have been changed by your generosity.
With warm wishes,
Shrawan Nepali
You should have a page inviting people to donate money and telling them how to donate. You should also include on the page how their money will be used. I think that the Ama Foundation provides a good model for this page.
If you go their page, you’ll see that they have arranged for donations to be made through another organization: “Network for Good”. It is probably a good idea to do the same because it makes your organization look more official. But I really don’t know much about this process.
When you do your page, I think you should change the words so that you are not directly copying their page. A good way to get ideas would be to look around at other organizations and see what they say when they ask for donations.
There are many ways you can help these children. Any donation is thankfully received. For example, a donation of $500 USD will feed and clothe a child for one year.
General Contributor:
Supporting Contributor:
Sustaining Contributor:
Major Contributor:
Building Fund Contributor:
Scholarship Contributor:
Any Amount
$42 (Support a child for one month)
$250 (Support a child for 6 months)
$500 (Support a child for one year)
A commitment of $500 a year for the average of 10 years, a donation of $5000.
Greater than $5000
Greater than $20,000
Any amount
Funds designated for land and buildings
Any amount
Funds designated for school fees/uniforms/school supplies
We are using the Network for good for the transfer of funds. Please click on the link avove to open up the secured page on the Network for Good website. Then, fill out the amount you choose to donate above as well as other information to complete the transferring process on the page. Thank you!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Phone: 510-847-2889
Ama Foundation has 501 (c) (3) charitable status in the US, thus your donations are fully tax deductable.
PAGE 4: You should have another page announcing local New York events, such as your movie and fund raisers, for people in New York. I think it would also be a good idea to list other events around town that Nepalis and others might be interested in. Things like speeches, dinners, parties and other fund raisers. By listing other events you can get people on your website more often.
In addition, you should have a “links” page, and an “About us” page. I got these ideas from the Ama Foundation website.